So You've Bought The Box Zone long beach packaging service ... Now What?

Take Control of the Information For a Stress-Free Move

It's moving season and Americans are once again facing the tension of loading their lives into boxes and hoping whatever arrives in one piece. The U.S. Census Bureau reports Americans move approximately 11.7 times in their lifetimes, with more than 20 percent of those relocations ending in a different state.

A recent survey commissioned by The UPS Shop and Mail Boxes Etc. franchise The Box Zone packing services long beach network exposed Americans' worst moving worries: broken or lost items (49 percent); moving business additional charges or late shipment (45 percent); viewing movers mishandle fragile products (42 percent); and running out of loading products throughout the move (25 percent).

Regardless of notable issues about broken products, the survey showed that a majority of Americans still attempt to manage with packing items in newspaper, clothes, sheets, towels or blankets or tissue paper. Just one-third of those surveyed sought expert recommendations on packaging supplies.


" Moving is difficult, but we've found individuals who have the most successful moves are the ones who take control," stated Cheri Golden, The UPS Store franchisee.

What can you do to take control of your next huge move? Golden uses the following ideas:

* Plan ahead. Get expert guidance by calling moving companies for quotes or requesting for referrals from pals or co-workers. Website like offer helpful ideas on moving and finding trusted moving business.

* Purchase enough of the best materials. Do not count on what's lying around your home to safeguard your valuable cargo. By utilizing the best packaging products, there is less of a possibility that your meals or family treasures will end up in pieces. Keep in mind, heavy furniture or bulky items might be stacked on top or up against these fragile products, so make sure they're protected to withstand the pressure.

* Leave it to specialists to deal with large, costly or irreplaceable products. A large majority of study respondents - 83 percent - would desire professional help moving household treasures, electronics and heavy items such as pianos. Places like The UPS Store or Mail Boxes AND SO ON deal freight services, which can be an budget-friendly and reliable alternative to basic movers.

Making the effort to plan ahead and investing in the appropriate packing materials can help reduce tension when the special day shows up.